How You Can Seduce a Woman

No one wants to be cliche, especially in this day and age but truth is, without sexual attraction or stimulation there is no exciting a woman. Remember the scary “friendzone”? This is a prime example of what can happen when a man puts too much emphasis on the mental connection and turns completely away from the physical interaction. Wooing a woman shouldn’t begin and only stay on the mattress either. It is important to recognize how to “switch her on” both in public and private- mentally and physically. Women love romance and by tastefully pairing a romantic setting with not-trashy physical forwardness, she will melt in a sophisticated way.

How to be a Sexually Successful Male

Women’s turn on’s for sex on average (because there ARE women out there who don’t fit the stereotypical woman) are what we see in movies- candles, aromatic baths, massages, intimate dinner for two, rose petals, decadent desserts, poems, etc. Yes, woman love that stuff and because it’s not considered a regular practice of the male gender, it can be considered rare, romantic, and chivalrous. ┬áBut those things alone don’t guarantee to end where you want it to. Generally speaking however, it’s not a bad place to start. So where do we go from there you ask? And what if we’re in a public place rather than in a date-like atmosphere?

Let’s just say this to be 100% clear, women hate fake. We here have come to realize in our endeavors that an honest approach in pretty much all matters trumps any “game” but does require a bit of a thick skin. After smoothly chatting up the cute girl at the bar (that you don’t want a relationship with at all) you can be honest if you have the gull to do so and say something along the lines of asking her where she thinks the two of you will be involved later on in the evening. And you can segway that into where you ideally see the interaction going. At this point you can point out (if you haven’t already) how attractive she is or how she stimulates you. Note: it is important to be TASTEFUL and RESPECTFUL in this and all things. Being a tool may work on television but no woman can respect a man of such stature. If her answers do not parallel your own or give a clear sign that it has the potential, this is where you make the decision to bow out gracefully and move on or pursue. From this standpoint, this is also a good place to lay the groundwork for acquiring a girlfriend if that’s another coinciding goal of yours personally.

how to seduce any women in any situation easily and comfortably

OK, now that we’ve got that let’s move on to the real point we’re sure you want to know. How to physically seduce a woman. Here’s a few bullet points of interest in regards to this for easy reference *keep in mind, never force these things onto her, and always be mindful of her body language and reactions to know when you are crossing a line*:

  1. For restaurants: sit next to her, hold hands, knees/thighs together (doing this gradually would be best if moving slow), play “footsie”, hand on thigh, hand on small of back, arm around her shoulders, feed her, small kisses, light stroke of moving hair from her neck or stroke of the arm/shoulder/thigh.
  2. For the movies: *see restaurants-sans talking* keep in mind here she might actually want to watch the movie so stay subtle and cuddle unless she prompts for more. Cuddling is very intimate and can get her in the mood all by itself to open the option for post movie “festivities”
  3. For club/bars/loud venues:  talking can be difficult in these venues so physical touch is important to grab her attention when engaging. Hands on hips (if standing), arm around her waist, hand on the small of her back, whispering in her ear, breathe gently on her neck, caress the nape of her neck, hand on thigh (if sitting), stay hip to hip when dancing if applicable, hug her from behind and breathe gently on her neck/shoulder/back.


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