How to Get a Girlfriend: 15 Tips That Never Fail

The Number 1 Recourse to Getting a Girlfriend

Welcome to the last resource you’ll ever need for learning how to get a girlfriend! Ever seen a really good looking girl with someone that’s a complete tool or “very” unattractive? That’s because when approached properly, you can get any girl you want. I know, nice guys finish last right? You fear the dreaded friend-zone? Well worry no more, I Love Women University has everything you need.

meeting the right girl is half the battleLets face it, every man in the world at one time or another was given a cold shoulder by a beautiful girl whom he thought was the girl of his dreams. Almost all men at one instance or another might have feared approaching a lady because of issues like inferiority complex and low self esteem.

However, things don’t just work out your way. Such incidences mainly occur when you don’t show a girl that you are a man enough. Sometimes you just need to stand up yourself and show what makes you a better man than the rest. In simple terms, women like being recognized as very special and failure to do that could make her leave. They also like being complimented and appreciated every second if possible. Unfortunately, many men think that one has to be rich and famous to get a girlfriend. For your information, wealth and fame cannot lure a girl to love you! You have to look for triggers that can get a girl fall for you.

Getting Her to Notice You

If you think getting a girlfriend is that hard, then you are definitely wrong. Read the following tips on how to get a girlfriend and then go ahead and apply them on your dream girl.

Don't Rush: Slow and Steady Wins the Race
Stay Clear of The Friend Zone
Don't Be Afraid: Ask Her Out

Best Places to Meet a Woman

We are in an era where getting a good, sexy and beautiful girl is easily achievable although you must pull up your socks to woo them. The top five places where you can meet a woman of your dreams are below.

Getting Social on Social Media
Organized Trips and Outings
Secret Locations: Where Would They Be?

Tips on Finding Your Girlfriend

Many men do not know how to make girls fall for them. This is because they think that every girl will love them because of their money . However, having a lot of money and getting a dream girl are two different things. I have to share with you on important tips on how to find a girlfriend.

Dress As if Your The Best
Present Yourself In A Gentleman Manner
Make Her Feel Special Constantly

How to Approach Women

After digesting the above tips, it’s time to look at how to approach women. Approaching women is not an easy task especially the one you meet for the first time. Remember, your first impression may make her misjudge you and once she does that then the relationship might end before it begins. The best ways to approach women are below.

Fake Your Self Confidants
Speak Your Mind Without Fear
Ask Her for A Favor

Talking: Make Her Yours for Good

Unlike your fellow men who you can just joke around with, women were created differently.  You need to know how to talk to women. They are very emotional. This means that talking to them and wooing them to be your girlfriend needs a lot of caution. In order to ensure a lengthy conversation with a woman who you want to be your girlfriend, you need to follow the next few pointers.

Avoid All Negative Comments
Do Not Discourage Her in Any Way
Do Not Be Too Verbal or Proud... Listening is Key.

Simple Steps to Get a Girl from Start to Finish

how-to-easily-get-a-girlfriend-with-simple-self-reflection-and-honestyStereotypes exist for a reason. A stereotype is labeled as such because it fits into one description more often than not and from this, assumptions are made/based that are usually found to be true often as well. Women mature faster than men, yes and no. Being an adult male hardly means that there can be no video games or comic books in his free time. Women tend to enjoy those little quirks of boyhood but what makes those traits appealing or tolerable to a female is the ability to not revolve life around it. A desirable man has a sense of responsibility and security. This does not mean the only way a man gets a girlfriend is by having a successful job or a mortgage. Those needs can be met in other ways that appeal to a female. But the main point is this- establish truthfully and honestly, what traits YOU are looking for in a girlfriend. For example:

  • What are your strengths and weakness in regards to your personality and life? Be as honest with yourself as possible, the more honest you are, the better results you can achieve.
  • Think back to past relationships- what initially attracted you? What caused the demise? What critiques were you given that perhaps you hadn’t noticed before?
  • What are the most important personality vs physical traits you wish to have in a significant other?
  • What are your most important desires (same political view, taste in food, music preference, religious ideology, etc)
  • Of those important desires, what are lesser desires that can be either additive or negative to the overall picture?

Once these steps are taken for self reflection, you can truly begin to find a woman that will enhance your life and love. Always request for total honesty in any relationship- friendship or otherwise and strive to hold up your end of that honesty in return. Keep an open mind and heart and if you find yourself in a “friendzone”  or engaged in a relationship with a women that fails to excite you or enhance your life, be honest with her and either end it or make a true effort to work on it. As said before, what will be- will be, and for that reason never be afraid to stand your ground and say the relationship (as it is) just isn’t what your looking for and promptly move on or take honest steps to help the situation- after all, she may feel the same way.