How You Can Attract Any Woman

Attracting women is surely an art form not many men are just “good” at. Sure there are those men that are just effortless in their abilities and women appear to just flock to them with an odd tweak of a smile they give. But hey, anyone can have that. Like a painting- the right tools, dedication, and vision can equal one beautiful piece of canvass. Same goes for attracting women. Lets review some steps to help better illustrate what we mean by this…

How to Attract Her- Hook, Line, And Sinker

The biggest and most substantial piece of advice we can give is: DO YOUR RESEARCH! Thanks to the modern age with the world wide web, there are numerous sources for information. Some of these sources include [e]books, whole websites on the subject, audio courses, podcasts, and video tutorials but are not limited to these. Youtube has many videos dedicated to the topic and some are quite humorous. They can provide insight into general information about women and how to read body language which is very important. When learning how to attract women a good first step is just to see as much as you can and draw your own conclusions based on your own personality- what are you comfortable with? What can you do to put forth your own personal flair that the ladies could just flock to? Another hint for this step: watch/read informational tidbits from both MEN and WOMEN- then compare and contrast.

After doing personal reflection and research online, perhaps you want to see the real thing but are too scared to jump right in? Never be afraid to go out and see firsthand how it all plays out. Local bars and restaurants are wonderful places to meet women and see how the dating world can operate. Did you notice the reincarnation of Rico Suave hitting on the gorgeous blonde? What is he doing? How can you do it too? Watch that air of confidence and think about how to work that into yourself. Be proud of yourself! It’s not about looks, it’s about confidence. This setting and scenario is also helpful in determining exactly what kind of female you desire to put your focus on because lets be honest- there’s so many different kinds of women and how you approach them can lead to variation in reactions which can be confusing. Be honest with yourself and what you wish to have in your life to get the right girlfriend.

how to attract women and get a girlfriend by appealing to their wants and needs with confidenceOnce you get all the information and nerve you can handle, time to go out and try it for yourself! Want a gamer girl, possibly laid back? Arcades and bars with video gaming are great. There are many adult “club”s (not strip clubs mind you) that offer drinking, bowling, restaurants, gaming, etc and women having a girls-night are sure to be there. Go to game release parties and find like-minded females you can chat to about common interests and you probably won’t have to deal with the high fashion expectations. Now, maybe instead you would prefer the high class lady- you know, the one with the Gucci purse and Jimmy Choo shoes with straps up to her knees and that body that obviously has a maintenance schedule of it’s own (you know ALL your friends will look up to you for THAT ONE)- ¬†Women of that nature are usually looking for security, a worldly knowledge, and sense of power. A high-end bar or boutique is the place to meet these ladies. Dress yourself up real nice, put on the best colognes you have (any women will melt at a good smelling fella) and woo her with your wine knowledge or your desire for travel, work aspirations, or future plans. These women are used to getting hit on all day, show them why you’re different- and by show them- we mean prove it!

Above all else, to attract a women is to engage her in a meaningful conversation. LISTEN to what she’s saying and respond accordingly. Women get oggled daily, there’s no need for that. A gentlemen that can make her laugh, truly interact in a sincere conversation and be interested in what makes her¬†her is what all women desire at the heart of the matter. Be genuine, women don’t want “game” or “swag”. Be a MAN. Be a chivalrous being that shows her not all men are the same and you’ve got a women in the palm of your hand.